I have spend half of my life in China, and the other half in the States, so that makes me a “Banana Split”

… and it also makes me a Sea Turtle (海归)

I used to work with some really bright folks at Deloitte Consulting in the windy city of Chicago

I served in the U.S. Army National Guard for 8 years, including 8 month of “Winning Hearts & Minds” in Iraq

In my spare time, I like to point out stupid shit or write hypocritical articles on digital consulting such as how to identify if your consultant is full of shit and stupid questions you should never ask Iraq veterans

I can usually be spotted at various digital, internet, and networking events in Beijing… to “acquire” new knowledge (and clients).

And every now and then when I get bored… I go on Chinese dating shows for marketing (Fast forward to 20:00)

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